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International Pinot Grigio Day

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Yes, it is an official day, we promise!

Pinot Grigio Day is celebrated annually on May 17 and is said to be the nation’s second most popular white wine. To celebrate the occasion, we partnered with Tan&ns wine importers to bring our clients and industry friends the ‘best wine tasting to date’ named by one of our members.

The evening started with a fizz reception (Pinot Grigio fizz of-course) to set the tone of the evening, paired with some canapes from Jules and team at Le Petit Coq. They served up some smoked salmon & caper bites, as well as some delicious beetroot hummus croutons.

To start the evening off we had some magic from the amazing local magician, Lorenzo, who had our guests in disbelief at his trickery, closely followed by Luigi and the Tan&ns wine team taking over. Today Tan&ns has imported over 100 styles of wine from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Croatia, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Argentina, Bulgaria, Chile, Australia and South Africa. The list goes on so who better to educate our guests?

Tan&ns are the masterminds behind the wine pairings at the very popular Six By Nico so we knew we were in for a treat! Our guests were educated on all things Pinot Grigio and were quizzed as to which wine they thought was Pinot Grigio out of the 3 wines they were provided. After lots of note taking and deliberation we had some winners, and we had some losers, but it was all in good spirits at The Town House.

Here are the 5 steps to wine tasting we took away from the experts:

  1. Look: A visual inspection of the wine under neutral lighting.
  2. Smell: Identify aromas by breathing through your nose.
  3. Taste: Assess both the taste structure (sour, bitter, sweet) and flavours.
  4. Think: Develop a complete profile of the wine that can be stored in your long-term memory.
  5. Enjoy: Wine is to be enjoyed!
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