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Supporting Homeless Project Scotland


At Quintessential Offices, we believe in the power of community and the importance of giving back. This belief is at the core of our partnership with Homeless Project Scotland, a charity dedicated to supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Since its inception, Homeless Project Scotland has been a beacon of hope for many, providing essential services such as their soup kitchen and night shelter. We’re proud to provide the building on Glassford Street where these critical services operate, ensuring that those in need have a safe and welcoming space to turn to.

A Partnership Rooted in Compassion

Homeless Project Scotland, founded by the compassionate and tireless Colin, has made a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals facing homelessness. Colin and his dedicated teamwork around the clock, preparing meals, offering shelter, and providing much-needed support to help people get back on their feet. Their commitment and passion resonate deeply with our CEO Barry at Quintessential Offices, inspiring us all to support their mission wholeheartedly.

Colin went on to tell us

“Since we launched the night shelter we have accommodated 1462 sleepers. That’s 1462 people saved from sleeping on the cold wet pavement in the freezing winter. We have had 43,400 people through the doors for hot meals since we opened, with 217,000 hot meals served. That’s 350 people per day and each person receives five meals.”

Our Contributions

At Quintessential Offices, our support for Homeless Project Scotland goes beyond providing physical space. We actively engage in various fundraising activities, from community events to bake sales, ensuring that all money raised directly benefits the charity. These events are more than just a means to gather funds; they are a testament to our community’s spirit and our collective commitment to making a difference.

The Quintessential team is committed to supporting HPS long term, giving Colin and his hard-working team a well-needed boost.

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